Royal Air Force College Cranwell - 

89 Entry - 1963 to 1966


"The RAF College 60's film"



1. To find the film click on Reel 1 below - this will take you to the "Pathe" website 

2. Wait until the page is fully loaded & then click on the Cranwell film to start it. (If it comes up "script error" click "run without scripts" - repeat if necessary)

3. You may be advised that it needs the latest flash software - if you are, simply download it, install and start again.

4. When the film starts you will be saddled with a short advert - whilst this is running click the full screen box in the bottom right - you should then get the film in full screen with a caption saying it is a preview only - ignore this I bought the film thinking that there was more - there isn't and the bought copy still has "Pathe" plastered over the bottom so there is no advantage unless you want a copy for your grandchildren!  Enjoy 89ers - it will take you back 50 years!



1. The film may be slow to download if you have a slow internet connection - (It is best watched with a computer connected to a large screen TV.)

2. None of the cadets featured in this film were members of 89 despite the drill in the junior mess looking a bit like 89A's & the flying like 89B's!

3. Post 1970 viewers will note that there is not a female in sight - not strictly true since they were allowed on college grounds twice a term (with heavy military escort)!

4. Reel 1 is only the first part of the story and comes to an abrupt end when the Navigators get lost in their "Pig" -  Typical !!!!

5. When Reel 1 finishes Click "X" in the top right hand corner to return to the website and then click Reel 2 below to view the final part of your 3 year sojourn at the RAF College Cranwell. 



To re-live life at Cranwell in the '60's (the expurgated version)

Click on Reel 1 & then Reel 2 .....

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